Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Walk fatty you might pass a cake shop.

At first glances it looks like Transport for London have decided to take a humorous way of encouraging people to walk, on closer inspection the website about this project is at where you can see some of the other slogans to encourage people to walk. One of the best 'You pay £40 to go to the gym, walking is free.'

So I've spotted these messages to the London bussing public appear on bus stops around central London. I wander if anyone has decided to walk instead of catching the bus and also if anyone has discovered a new cake shop! A good idea no doubt and I hope to see a few more of these cropping up across town.

Also if anyone has ever DJ'ed you'll probably appreciate this site a lovely little collection of the most annoying requests made to DJs.

"dude: got any Jurassic Five?
dj: it's a Brit pop night tonight, so it wouldn't really fit in
dude: ok, what about Nirvana?
dj: Nirvana are American
dude: oh, I see. then how about The Smashing Pumpkins?
dj: ...."

This is not one from their site but one I got when I was DJing at the Cube in Southampton.

Annoying guy: Do you have any Killers?
Me: nope
Annoying guy: yeah you do.
Me: No I'm pretty sure I don't have any Killers...
Annoying guy: It's my girlfriend's birthday, she really wants to hear the Killers, can you play the Killers?
Me: I don't have any songs by the Killers.
Annoying guy: It's her birthday! Come on!!
Me: OK, I'll play the Killers.

At this point he leaves the DJ booth and I don't play the Killers. Ever.

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