Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Lushious Sounds of Future Disco

Firstly I think my spelling of 'lushious' is justified. I don't think the regular 'luscious' does the tracks I'm about to post justice.

So on Friday night I was back DJing at 93 Feet East, I had planned to play a fair whack of disco that I had downloaded mostly through the medium of searching blogs through hype machine, although on the night I discovered I was playing in between a rock band (who reminded me of Evanesance) and a ska band. So I thought I'd start off with some rocky dance music and then see if I could trick them into liking the disco I was intending on playing. The Oh Shit and Mynx remake of Eye of the Tiger is what I started with and the Soulwax remix of Robot Rock was next and the crowd seemed enthused.... then I started trying to subtly work my way through towards the disco with a Shit Robot remix of Dondolo's Dragon, some people seemed to like it others didn't. In the end after trying out some more disco and even dropping in ELO's Evil Woman, I ended up resorting to the trusted bangers that will always get the Brick Lane crowd going.

Anyways I want to show you guys the disco that I was intending to play (some I did, some I didn't). It's all good and it's all worth a download, although as most of these artists aren't HUGE if you really like their stuff why not go and buy an album of theirs or see them live.

Toby Tobias - Azul Blue
Risque - Starlight
The Swiss - Manthen (Tensnake remix)
Moonbootica - Men of the Future (Kris Menace remix)
Tensnake - Colongal

Anyways! Come and watch me DJ next time I'm at 93 Feet East on Friday 16th April and I'll play some more of these lushious sounds!

This week I have mostly been reading Loaf's Running Debacle.

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

The Joys of Cycling in London

On Saturday Mr. Tomph and I went on a little cycling adventure, leaving in the afternoon we went on a little mission to explore parts of London we'd never been to before and do it all on the happy medium of two wheels.

We looked at a few routes around London then decided to try and find Epping Forest. Setting out from Stepney we cycled up to Victoria Park, through Victoria Park Village then onto Homerton, across the River Lea and into Leytonstone and then all the way north until we reached Epping Forest. We stopped in the woods by a pond and had an awful lunch whilst sat on a bench situated in the middle of a muddy bog, after lunch we attempted to cycle on the muddy forest paths but out super thin racing wheels I found my bike was more adept at sinking than moving in any helpful direction.

Right! A sudden change of plan, Katie and Olly give us a little tinkle and tell us they're riding on Jamie and Caroline's boat up the River Lea just a mere few miles away. So after a study of the AtoZ we decide to get back on our bicycles and find a way to meet them, as soon as this change of plan occurs we start to reach some beautiful country-ish roads and a few little hills to test out my determination on a recently converted single speed. We started heading South West in the hope of reaching Tottenham Hale where the boat was now plodding along the river somewhere, we ended up cycling through Walthamstow and in the hope of enjoying the quieter back roads we came across the Walthamstow Market, a really really long market with all sorts of stuff being sold there, including a pair of Dunlop Green Flash daps for a mere £5. Bargain!

New shoes in tow we ended up getting ourselves onto a little road called Coppermill Lane which was to take us across the reservoirs separating Tottenham from Walthamstow and onto the River Lea to find the boat. This was a brilliant little ride, we had views across flat lands meaning we could see both Canary Wharf and The City right in the distance, marshland, reservoirs and loads of duck and goose species that you would normally only see in places like St James Park with little tags around their ankles. Along the road we came across a low bridge, only 5 foot tall. It was very much necessary to duck right down and lay across the top tube of the bicycle whilst going under this and even Tomph managed it on his bike, which to the untrained eye looks like it can't be too far of being 5 foot high itself.

Through some brilliant tarmac tracks over marshland and we were onto the River Lea Walk. From here we started heading North and within a few minutes we could hear the cries of a Caroline from the top of the boat as they were maneuvering through a lock. A few Benny Hill moments later we were sat atop of the barge rolling down the river on our way to the Princess of Wales. Brilliant.

Monday, 15 March 2010

Frustrations of cycling in London!!

OK, so this is a slightly negative post but I was annoyed on my cycle ride home today.

The Metropolitan Police and the City of London Police forces have both started setting up police traps for cyclists, so you'll be cycling along the road, perhaps a spot where lots of cyclists regularly jump the lights, and you'll spot a PC standing behind something at the junction waiting for a cyclist to break the rules. This happened to me today, I was cycling down the road (Fleet Street) and at the junction on the other side of the road there was a WPC waiting with her bicycle for a cyclist to misbehave. Whilst I was waiting there at the lights a cyclist coming the other direction waited at a red light then after the people crossed the road tentatively moved forward and continued before the lights went green. Now I know that this is illegal, however this cyclist was at least being curtious enough to allow the pedestrians across before he went off. He was then stopped by the police and handed a £30 on the spot fine.

This isn't an uncommon sight in London at the moment, very regularly I see police waiting at points on the road with these 'cycle traps' waiting to dish out their fines. Now I'd argue that this is a complete waste of time, how many people are killed each year by cyclists riding through red lights? Last year two, only two, cyclists died by jumping red lights, this month two, yes two cyclist have been killed in London after being crushed against railings by lorries (please nobody ever undertake a lorry!!!!) Now Transport for London have conducted research that suggest cyclists that jump the red lights are in fact safer than those who don't. LOOK HERE

So if not jumping the red lights causes more deaths than jumping the red lights isn't it about time that we allowed cyclists to jump red lights? Obviously we should leave a clause in here, for example: you must slow down at a red light and check that you are not causing a nuisance, stopping anyone crossing or endangering anyone but if that is satisfied then surely they should be allowed to pass - particularly if it makes the roads safer!!!!

Who knows, that chap I saw being fined today may well in the future not go ahead at red lights and get injured by a lorry. Needless, stupid, pointless. Three words I associate with much of the governance of this country!

Also if you want to find out what your local parliamentary candidates think about cycling go here.

This should have been a post about what a brilliant day Saturday was whizzing around on bicycles with Tomph. Ah well!

Friday, 12 March 2010

Bottled Vagina!!

I'm not sure if you will find anything as strange as this today.

Smell me and . com is a website where you can buy the scent of a vagina. No joke, a German company has decided to bottle the smell and sell it from their website. What will they think of next?!

Vulva - as the bottled scent is called - is not designed to be used as a perfume as such but as a substance to enhance your sensual pleasure. The website suggests rubbing a small bit on your hand and then enjoy the smell, and they see it as the first sex toy focused on the sense of smell rather than sight or touch.

As much as they try to justify it though. It is just essentially bottled vagina! Tres Strange.

Saturday, 6 March 2010

Very bizarre video floating around.....


What do you make of that?

Sticking with that theme......

Thursday, 4 March 2010

Ivan's Vlog - Banjo Takeover!!

For all you fans of Ivan's Vlog, check out this......

Banjo takes over the Vlog!!

Wednesday, 3 March 2010


OK GO have only gone and bloody done it again!!!

Best video for ages!!