Monday, 26 April 2010

This Girl is Awesome!!

Well done to Sophie! She absolutely smashed the London Marathon!!!

Not only did Sophie complete the London Marathon yesterday, she also raised over £2,000 for a charity called Survival, she finished 1377th out of all the women in the race AND did it in a time of 3hrs 49mins 57secs. Bloody hell! The best summary of this performance I have seen for this is from former London Marathon extraordinaire Lydia Gibson, "You are literally the tits!"

Sophie documented the whole experience from injuries, giant filter tips, debauched fundraising nights through to how YOU can GIVE HER charity MONEY all here I'm currently looking forward to seeing the post about the final event itself, be sure to keep checking!

I realise I havn't posted much music for a while so lets have a little go now.

Here's a track by Acid Over called Late Nite Tuff Guy it's ace!! Download it here. More music on the way another day!!

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