Saturday, 21 August 2010

Break Up!!

Between 1995 and 1996 numerous young girls were dragged through the torment of Take That breaking up, the news showed girls screaming and crying devastated by the break up their favorite act. In the summer of 2010 a much more heartbreaking break up has occurred, you may not have even noticed, you may have been too busy moving house and settling into a new job, all with sounds of luscious disco remixes whirling in the background.
Take That fans after the break up.
Aeroplane have broken up. It's true. It's so so sad. All just a few weeks before their debut album is about to be released, and I'd imagine it'll be the best album of the year. That's what I expect from them and I'm sure that they will deliver on. Here is a small selection of my go to guys for disco. They are all brilliant, including the one from the imminent album called we can't fly. I'm afraid I got told off so the mp3s are no longer on this post.

Aeroplane no longer a duo
NB. Apparently one of them is continuing as Aeroplane, but no longer as a duo.

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