Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Lushious Sounds of Future Disco

Firstly I think my spelling of 'lushious' is justified. I don't think the regular 'luscious' does the tracks I'm about to post justice.

So on Friday night I was back DJing at 93 Feet East, I had planned to play a fair whack of disco that I had downloaded mostly through the medium of searching blogs through hype machine, although on the night I discovered I was playing in between a rock band (who reminded me of Evanesance) and a ska band. So I thought I'd start off with some rocky dance music and then see if I could trick them into liking the disco I was intending on playing. The Oh Shit and Mynx remake of Eye of the Tiger is what I started with and the Soulwax remix of Robot Rock was next and the crowd seemed enthused.... then I started trying to subtly work my way through towards the disco with a Shit Robot remix of Dondolo's Dragon, some people seemed to like it others didn't. In the end after trying out some more disco and even dropping in ELO's Evil Woman, I ended up resorting to the trusted bangers that will always get the Brick Lane crowd going.

Anyways I want to show you guys the disco that I was intending to play (some I did, some I didn't). It's all good and it's all worth a download, although as most of these artists aren't HUGE if you really like their stuff why not go and buy an album of theirs or see them live.

Toby Tobias - Azul Blue
Risque - Starlight
The Swiss - Manthen (Tensnake remix)
Moonbootica - Men of the Future (Kris Menace remix)
Tensnake - Colongal

Anyways! Come and watch me DJ next time I'm at 93 Feet East on Friday 16th April and I'll play some more of these lushious sounds!

This week I have mostly been reading Loaf's Running Debacle.

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