Tuesday, 16 February 2010

A relic from the modern times.

See that!!!

That is a minidisc recorder. Yeah! Remember them?

So the minidisc, brought to the world in 1992, in my memory seemed to reach their height of popularity when I was in Year 10 at school... 1999/2000 ??? I think. Then they seemed to disappear along with the introduction of the iPod.

I however have just bought one, an ebay special for £16. I will be using this bad boy to record my DJ sets from here on in, and then hopefully putting these online for your listening pleasure. I figure this will be easier than lumping my laptop along with all of my cds to various venues across London.

The last time I had a minidisc player at my disposal was back in those heady days of year 10 at school, that minidisc player lasted me until I went to South America when it mysteriously disappeared from a hotel room in Sao Paulo. When my previous one was swiped they took just the player, no discs, no charger or anything else, I've often wondered what they did with it. I never once saw a minidisc player in South America, so I imagine they never took off there and imagine that it would have been pretty difficult to get all the bits and bobs. Possibly when they first took it, pressed play and heard whatever music it was that was in it they probably thought it was a brilliant steal, when the battery died I doubt they ever got it working again!

Anyways I digress, this minidisc player gets me harking back to the days when I had my first one. One of the albums I fell in love with on my first player was Radiohead - Kid A, I distinctly remember Everything in Its Right Place sent shivers down my spine when I was staying in Longleat Forest on a family holiday. I hold this album responsible for getting me into dance music too (along with the likes of the Prodigy, Aphex Twin, The Chemical Brothers and Fatboy Slim) and it's likely that dance music will be what you'll mostly be hearing on my recorded mixes in the future.

So anyways here's a dance remix of Everything in its Right Place for you to reward you for me banging on about the past.

Also if you'd like to see me try and use this minidisc recorder then you should come to 93 Feet East this Friday it's free entry and I'll be DJing for your aural pleasure. Flyer Here

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  1. Sony R37 eh?
    Mine has served me VERY well over the years and I'm sure your 'new' one will too

    I'm still rockin the minidisc in my car, I'm so retro!